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seeking justice for abused women

About Us

At Our Foundation, our primary mission is to assist women and young individuals facing challenging legal circumstances. Our dedication lies in upholding gender equality and upholding human rights for all.


Our goal is to achieve a democratic society free from violence and abuse, where each individual’s human rights, particularly women and young people, are recognized and protected through legislation and the practice of law.

At our core, our primary mission is to assist women and young people whose rights have been threatened or denied unjustly, such as physical, mental and sexual abuse.

Our secondary mission is to contribute to the legal protection, education, social, economic, and political development of women & young people by offering a range of services including training, research, advocacy, shelter, legal & financial aid as well as intra-familial conflict resolution & information services.

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We aim to increase legal protection, advocate for improved options for victims who endure abuse, exchange information among organizations regarding experiences within this sector as well as create appropriate information, education and communication materials that promote women and young people’s human rights.